Let's Show Up For Each Other!

At Talk to Your Higher Self, we often run campaigns where we give half of each sale to individuals and good causes.


We want to contribute to the building of a New Earth, one in which our basic needs are taken care of and we can flourish and thrive while respecting and caring for each other, the animals and our Earth. Let's help one another and make it happen!

We donate to the following people/causes using these New Earth Guidelines. We donate to those who:
- Are in immediate need and could use help with rent, bills, food, etc.

- Are doing great things for the animals and planet
- Promote sustainable and regenerative living conditions
- Promote healthy and natural ways of living
- Seek to raise consciousness
- Use technology, etc. in new ways that benefits us all and give us freedom
- Create communities that meet some of these guidelines


We welcome and encourage you to write us if you know of someone who needs direct assistance. We don't know who is out there without your help.

We are excited about contributing to this New Earth and are open to teaming up with others to find creative solutions and work together.

We donate half of each sale of our practice, but if you just want to give a donation, you can do that here:

100% of your donation goes towards others.

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