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Thank you so much for wanting to test this! I sincerely hope it'll help you to maintain your new habit and make this beginning stage easier.


Please download the zip file. Included is:
Maintain New Habit guided meditation
Tips on How to Maintain Your New Habit (PDF)


Please test the guided meditation at least two times in the next 7 days. Please read at least the first couple of pages of the PDF first.


Please answer the following questions:

* Please let me know about your experience during the guided meditation.


* What do you think of the guided meditation and the approach here afterwards?


* Do you have any suggestions for how I can improve this meditation?


Please write me with any questions and the feedback to: talktoyourhigherself@gmail.com


Thank you so much!


PS: I also have a Day to Day Self-Love guided meditation that you can try if you are interested.


I don't need you to provide feedback but I'd appreciate it if you would. Thanks! Download it here.

Maintain New Habit - Free Test Version