Connect to your Higher Self and make deliberate use of the part of you that knows what's best for you and always has your highest interest at heart.

Our Talk to Your Higher Self Program includes:

Guided meditation and an eBook.


The guided meditation takes you into a deep meditative state (theta state) and then gives you quiet time to connect and talk to your Higher Self.

You receive two versions: one with 15 minutes of quiet time, and the other with 25.

Length: 35 /45 minutes in total
Format: mp3

The 40-page eBook covers:

  • Get to know the Higher Self and its characteristics
  • How to communicate with your Higher Self
  • Troubleshooting with tips to help you with your practice
  • How to best receive answers from your Higher Self
  • How to tell when it’s your ego or Higher Self talking
  • Practical steps to remove an issue in your life
  • Example of an issue removed by the Higher Self
  • Example questions you can ask to: gain clarity, identify blockages, create positive changes.


Included are 10 exercises for internal change and transformation.


Format: PDF


Please note:
This is a digital product
Total file size: 179 MB
Downloaded as a zip file.


If you have any questions please write me at:

Talk to Your Higher Self Program