Join us for a talilored 2.5-hour workshop that will ignite your home practice.


We teach you everything you need to know about how the Higher Self operates, how to communicate with it directly and indirectly and how you can use it to improve different areas of your life. We do this in an accessible and grounded way.


You will have time to ask all of your questions and we can focus specifically on what you want to work on.


Included in the price: Our Talk to Your Higher Self Practice (meditation +e-book) and access to our private Facebook Group.


You can book a workshop in person (Downers Grove, IL area) or online. If you prefer, it can also be done just over the phone.


About our Talk to Your Higher Self Practice:


In this practice you will give yourself time to speak with and listen to the inner wisdom that comes from your Higher Self.


Connecting to and working with your Higher Self may very well be one of the most important relationships you can put your time into right now.


In return, you will find that this relationship will gift you with advice, inner peace, balance, clarity and healing.


You Will Receive:


A Manual, a guided meditation and support in our private Facebook Group. (Please note this is a digital product)


The manual covers everything your need to know to use this practice to its fullest potential.


  • Get to know the Higher Self and its characteristics
  • How to Communicate With Your Higher Self
  • How to best receive answers from your Higher Self
  • How to tell when it’s your Ego or Higher Self talking
  • Practical steps to remove an issue in your life
  • Example of an issue removed by the Higher Self
  • Example questions you can ask to: gain clarity, identify blockages, create positive changes.
  • Troubleshooting with tips to help you with your practice


Format: PDF


Our guided meditation gives you quiet time to talk to your Higher Self.

We have created two versions of our guided meditation: one with 15 minutes of quiet time and one with 25 minutes of quiet time.


Length: 35 /45 minutes in total.

Format: mp3


Total file size: 179 MB

Downloaded as a ZIP file


You are invited to join our Private Facebook Group where you will have love and support from others who also do our practice. Learn from them and give your input. We are there to answer questions and share our knowledge and experience too.



Higher Self Workshop

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