• Jannick Kjaer

Words of Encouragement on Your Spiritual Path

Dear you,

You are on your spiritual journey and right now you are feeling crappy, in a funk or your Ego is just running rampant. You don’t know what to do about it. Maybe there is nothing to do about it. We have been there so many times and hopefully these words of encouragement can soothe you a little bit. We feel for you and we are with you in spirit!

We are all on this spiritual journey together even though we are apart. Most of us don’t have someone else to lean on who understands us. At least not for now (we are a growing number!). The journey can feel lonely but we are guided by our team, our Higher Self and the Universe. The Universe being the Creator, love, light and all there is.

You are never separate even though you might think you are right now. This is just a feeling and thought program run by your Ego. You are fully connected and in the end you will always move closer and closer to Love (Creator).

In the depths of feeling tired and lethargic, in the depths of your negative thoughts and feelings lie the seeds to endless amounts of peace, tolerance, compassion, and ultimately love for all and one.

You are constantly growing even when you don’t think you are. When non-spiritual beings feel down and desolate they may or may not do something about it. When you feel down and desolate it’s because you are purging programs and habits that don’t serve you. It is when you feel down that you are uprooting and paving the way for massive growth.

During this time it’s great to be still, repeat mantras and go inwards. It’s not that necessary though. During this time is when I want to suggest you take best care of yourself and your mental state. So whatever makes you happy and smile you do. Whatever floats the boat you do.

During these times it’s not necessarily about being a "good spiritual person" (what is that anyway?). It’s about tolerating your state of being. So, if that means eating a little more unhealthy, watching shows that you like, sleeping more or exercising rigorously, screaming, dancing, wiggling, jiggleing, then so be it.

For me it is okay to eat and be lazy when feeling low. It is a way of loving myself. I am not trying to make you gain 50 pounds and promote unhealthy habits but that’s not what I am talking about here. I am talking about short term coping and loving yourself while you are going through a rough patch. A rough patch that is self-inflicted because you want to spiritually grow.

What makes it tolerable or what makes you smile while feeling tired, lethargic and in a funk?

Remember, you are ultimately looking to merge back with the Creator, with Love. So, the more you love yourself the more in alignment you are with that goal!


Jenny & Jannick

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