• Jenny Pavich

Welcome Back- The Practice of Returning to Your Higher Self

In this adventure you are indefinitely on, the inner landscape changes and becomes more and more pristine as you do the work. As that cleans up, so does the world around you, reflecting back at you what you have become and hold inside.

We have the ability to permanently dig up and toss out the garbage that resides within. This garbage takes the form of anger, fear, judgment, pain, envy, defeat, etc.

It’s up to you to find the best way to clean up the inside and reconnect to who you really are. There are a lot of different paths and options to try. Sometimes you end up trying a lot of practices to find what works for you. Sometimes you happen upon the right thing right away...lucky you! However it happens it's fine because it’s all part of your design and your plan, and this plan is being guided by your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self wants you to come back and connect to it so life can be easier, and so that you can experience a deeper sense of peace and joy than ever before. To really merge back into that higher dimensional aspect, you have to let go of and clear out the low vibrational stuff. This practice we have put together will guide you to do that.

You may start off by doing this practice and feel like nothing is happening. I can’t hear anything. My HS is not there. All I do is sleep through it. This is how I experienced it in the beginning. With practice this changed and my connection to my HS continues to deepen.

No matter how you experience it, especially in the beginning, you are still meeting with your HS and saying, ‘Yes, I am ready to connect. Please guide me. Please speak to me and help me.’

Pay attention to what is happening during the rest of your day. Are you remembering dreams that had an important message for you? Are the signs becoming clearer and helping you to make better decisions? Are new people stepping into your life to help you? Are you feeling more peaceful and calm inside? Is your mind quieting down?

The HS is not stubborn. It won’t play hard to get. It will jump up and start to talk to you in a multitude of ways. By doing this practice, you are telling it you are ready. It might be that you use this quiet time as a concentrated space to pose your questions and release them and ask for the answers in whatever form they show up. It might be that you get very clear answers during the practice. It will come in whatever way it is supposed to. It’s best to clear the mind of all thoughts and expectations and just allow. I know that requires practice. So just start now and do your best.

Open the heart to see the bigger picture. This is a totally new world to operate from. It is feeling and intuition based. It’s trust based. It’s easier than you think because you don’t have to come up with the answers to life or try to ‘figure out’ the way. The hard part is shifting into that. Just keep practicing and remind yourself that this is actually a normal place to function from. Find a friend who understand this and supports you. And mostly importantly, trust yourself. Trust that you were guided here at the right time and that your journey back to you is happening exactly as it should be.

Holy Higher that’s exciting!

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