• Jenny Pavich

The Story Behind Talk to Your Higher Self

We are a married couple who share a very similiar path!

The past 8 years have led us an inner journey that took lots of twists and turns. We both found tools and ways to clear out old programs, reprogram our thoughts and find inner peace. During this time, Jannick was working with his Higher Self but he didn't know it. He would ask questions and ask for internal changes. He found that he would receive answers in various ways and that these internal changes would come over time.

In 2018, we became QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis) practitioners and we were formally introduced to the Higher Self. During a session a practitioner helps a client to access their Higher Self and ask it questions. The answers and healing that clients received during these sessions was powerful.

Working with clients in this manner gave us a chance to speak with various people's Higher Selves. We started to pay attention and over time we were able to pinpoint similarities in it’s way of operating, speaking and guiding.

As we followed up with clients to ask how they were doing, one of the questions that came up was, "How can I continue to connect to my Higher Self?"

That question inspired us to put together this program. We worked on it for about a year, revising it several times to get it to where it is now.

We wanted to empower people to develop this relationship in their own time in a practical and grounded way. We strongly believe that this wisdom within is our own best teacher.

As we started to create this program, we both started to work with our Higher Selves deliberately. We love to ask our Higher Selves questions and ask for guidance and clarity. It has become a part of our daily life. We receive signs and answers all the time. It brings a joy and lightness to our lives.

The message we have received is clear: Spread the knowledge of the Higher Self.

That is where we are at now and what we are working towards. We are spreading the knowledge and teaching how to connect to the Higher Self. As more and more of us merge with this aspect, the Earth reflects that love and unity we feel inside.

We are happy to be on a mission to help create a New Earth founded by our Higher Selves.

So please, Talk to Your Higher Self.

That is our message to you.


Jenny & Jannick

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