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My Higher Self and I

My own relationship to my Higher Self started even before I knew of it. I used to talk to myself before bedtime about the day, what I wanted to change in myself and lots of other things. I would ask a lot of questions and found that some were answered in the next day or two in one way or another. It wasn’t until 5 years later in 2018 that I was formally introduced to the Higher Self when Jenny and I became Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioners.

It was a bit of a revelation to realize that I already had established a strong connection to my Higher Self. I began to work with it once again and this time I used it more deliberately to receive answers, healing, guidance and solutions.

Over the years, I found that in order to make a change in myself, I had to be ready for that change and give the Higher Self the command to make the change. This would grant my HS permission to start the process. In the days to come I would feel the purging of the old, integration of the new, and I would be prompted to make the necessary adjustments in my life. All I had to do was to ask for the change to happen and it started a process.

Today, my relationship to both my Higher Self and my team has intensified and I rely on them a lot in my life and spiritual growth. They have put me at ease and I am able to better read where life is taking me, when to take action and when to rest and just be.

I want to mention that I used to be a full fledged left brainer and atheist who looked down on spirituality. I would never even think about having a Higher Self and a whole team to help me. Now, with them on my side though, life flows much easier.

Here are the areas where I use my Higher Self:

Ask Questions

Whenever I have a doubt, I simply ask my Higher Self. This has become automatic and it saves me the time and trouble to try and come up with an answer myself.

For instance, I have asked:

What messages do we need to include for this website?

How can I quiet my Ego?

What is my next step in life?

Start Internal Change Processes

I love to make inner improvements and changes and often start new processes. I’ve commanded my HS to:

Help me become more consistent.

Be able to speak up more.

Be better at taking charge.

Love a specific person unconditionally.


To use the Law of Attraction has been a bit hard for me. I didn’t totally know what I wanted and didn’t put too much time and effort into it. I’ve gotten better and now use it regularly.

Lately I’ve asked for: a pair of comfy flip flops, time for writing and creating, that my message and our product reaches those who need or want it, harmony in the family.

Channel my HS and Team for you guys out there

I have only just started to channel my Higher Self and team. I write out the answer so it has taken some time to get used to it without interference from my Ego.

It is my hope that I can channel more messages and channel for longer periods of time. That is more a practice of remaining quiet and keeping my Ego in check.

So, overall connecting to my Higher Self and working with it and my team has been such a simple way to work on myself, to grow spiritually and to receive guidance, answers, and solutions in my life.

This type of practice does require that you trust the ideas, insights and signs that you get. You can slowly build up this trust by paying attention and observing these insights and answers you get and test out if they are right for you. When you start to take action and see that the insights produce positive results, you open yourself up more and more to this connection. You are able to shift your life from searching for answers into receiving answers. This makes things a lot easier which I love:-)

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