• Jenny Pavich


Updated: Jun 14, 2020

As you unravel and change from the inside out, your changes influence those around you to consider the same.

Or in other words:

You are in your garage getting rid of some junk that’s in your way, cluttering the space.

It’s morning time and you are tired. It looks like a mountain of work in front of you. There are some neighbors that pass by on foot and look in. They pick up pace to avoid you and not get roped into your mess of a cleanup.

Now it’s afternoon. You are getting somewhere and it’s looking cleaner. Although you are physically tired from a lot of work, you are feeling more centered as you get rid of things you don’t need. People are still out walking and they peek in and wave as they go by. You wave back.

Now it’s evening and after a long day’s work, your space is organized and clean and you are feeling good! You are sitting on a chair in your driveway, minding your own business, and now people stop to chat with you as they walk by. They tell you that it looks good inside and that they would love their garage to look like that as well. You’ve inspired them a bit. Some will use that inspiration to do something about it. Some will go home and forget all about the conversation. Either way, you have a clean garage and are feeling good about it. And you now are an example to others.

So this is a great place to be in. You have cleaned up something and shifted the energy in your life. Other people feel that and respond to it.

Now here is the important part to this story. You don’t want to become the one who incessantly talks about:

...How awesome it is to have an organized and clean garage and how you should do the same because you will feel so much better! And there is no time like now! What are you waiting for because it will totally change your life if you just get to it and start facing all that junk you have been hording! and on and on it goes.

And there go your neighbors, back to their own house to hide from you.

I can tell you this from years of first hand experience. Not with garage cleaning experience per se, but you get the idea.

What I found, and it took a long time to realize this, was that my place in all of this was just to be me and allow others to be them. I know what it’s like to really feel compelled that your way would be really good for this and that person, but unless he or she is ready to hear that, you just push them further and further away.

And it’s so much less work actually. Which I personally love. Since energy alone has a very strong impact, those who want a piece of what you have found, will respond to the energy you carry inside and they will ask into it. Then it’s ideal to share and open that conversation up. Until then, you can be energetically sending good wishes, love and the highest truth to each and every person you meet just be being you. .

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