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How to Stay in the Theta State

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

In the theta state you are fully relaxed and your mind is quiet. This is the state you enter naturally just before you fall asleep every night, so it takes some practice to learn to stay alert in this state and not fall into sleep. We want to share some tips that will help you to stay alert in this state and also tips to help you fall back into it if you find yourself coming out.

Before Your Practice

Let your Higher Self practice begin in the hour/s before you actually practice. To begin with, we recommend that you are well rested before you start. This will greatly reduce the possibility of falling asleep. Start to calm down your mind. If there’s anything you need to do, then get it out of the way or write a to do list you can tackle later. Nurture yourself, this is a time for you. Try to limit or avoid caffeine and eat light.

Set the intention to have a great session, one in which you easily stay awake and easily "hear" the answers. Setting an intention is so important. We create our lives based upon what we believe to be a possibility. So if this is something you have never done before, then your firm intent will help you to stay open to the process and experience it. Then soon it will become second nature.

Be willing to be open and receptive to whatever answers come up. Some answers might surprise you and they may not be what you expected.

How to Best Stay in the Theta State

Tips if you are falling asleep:

It is during the guided meditation where people most often drift into sleep. This first tip is taken from B. Alan Wallace’s book, Dream Yourself Awake.

- As soon as you feel yourself drifting, take a few deep inhalations to oxygenate the body and mind. This will help you to become alert again so you can go back to following the instructions in the guided meditation. Follow the meditation with attention and awareness.

- If you find yourself drifting while talking to your Higher Self, maintain a focus and an engagement as you ask your questions and receive the answers. This focus will help you to stay awake and also help to keep your ego out of the way.

- If you find yourself engaged in your thoughts, just go back to the practice as soon as you become aware that your mind has drifted. Keep a positive attitude, don’t let it bother you when this happens.

When you engage in your thoughts you become unconscious of the experience of the practice. You have forgotten that you are doing the practice and instead you have engaged in your thoughts. It is usually when we are engaged in our thoughts that we fall asleep.

In order to prevent that from happening, keep reminding yourself that you are doing the practice. Maintain an awareness and a knowing of yourself doing the practice. You can also quietly speak out in your mind that you are in the middle of a Higher Self practice.

Tips if you are coming out of the theta state:

If you start to move out of the theta state, it is usually because your ego has interrupted your conversation with your Higher Self. This can produce feelings of doubt or frustration and become a distraction.

First, stop talking to your Higher Self and maintain a positive attitude. Have patience when this happens. It is normal during any kind of meditation. The best thing to do is to simply ignore the thoughts and feelings, don’t label them or engage with them.

- To move back down you can shift your focus to your breath and with each exhale release any thoughts and tension in your body. Imagine it moving out of you and feel your body and mind once again start to fully relax.

- Alternatively, shift you focus to each part of your body starting with your feet. As you bring awareness to each part imagine they start to relax. Scan you whole body like that.

- In our guided meditation we ask you to visualize the most beautiful place in nature you know. Go back to that place by fully visualizing it. Pay attention to what you see around you, the sounds that you hear, the smells, as well as how you feel being there.

These three tips all shift your focus away from your thoughts and in doing so you move back down into the theta state.

Now that you are back down you can start to ask your Higher Self questions again.


Do you want to use the theta state for healing or as a deep meditation practice? Look here.

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