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How to Make the First Connection to Your Higher Self

If you want to work with your Higher Self (HS) you first need to establish a connection to it. This doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you want this to happen and work towards it, you should get there. It very well could be that you’ve already heard from your HS but you just haven’t noticed. You could also be somewhat closed down due to a strong Ego and limiting beliefs.

When you want to establish the connection you preferably want to be in a meditative state and start to ask it a couple of questions. Also, feel free to have a conversation with it. Just talk out what you want. Don’t expect an answer right away but do be aware of any answers coming in the next 24-48 hours.

It is very important that your Ego isn’t in the way in this process. It has a habit of questioning and blocking processes that aren’t logical and rational. You want to be completely open and engaged in this. This is why we highly recommend that you use a guided meditation that brings you into the theta state (deepest meditative state). In this state your Ego is quieted down significantly. When you are in this state you need necessary quiet time to establish the connection to your Higher Self. In our practice we include a guided audio that brings you into the theta state and then give you either 15 minutes or 25 minutes of quiet time. (buy here for $20).

When you start this process you move into an unknown world and don’t really know what to expect. In the beginning you may feel as though not much is happening but you will start to see that your questions are being answered. Questions can be answered in a multitude of ways: through dreams, conversations, things you hear, read, etc.

This is your Higher Self starting to work with you. The most important factor is to expect and want it to work. When we truly want something we keep on working towards it and we constantly try to find new solutions and ways to get there.

I have tried to connect to my HS several times but I still can’t seem to connect, what’s going on?

Since you know that the HS is real, know that it is yourself blocking you from being able to communicate with it. That’s great news because there are ways to remove those blockages. We hope one of these three work for you.

Possible blockages

1. Ask your HS what is blocking you.

Even if you can’t "hear" your Higher Self you can still receive all the help needed. Simply ask: Please remove anything that blocks me from being able to communicate with you. Thank you.

You can follow up with: Is there anything I need to do to remove the blockage?

Try out any new ideas or suggestions you receive (now or later) to establish a connection.

2. Remove any energy attachments.

Please request: Please remove any energetic attachments I have that block me from communicating with you. Thank you.

Ask your questions again and see what happens in the next days.

3. Remove any contracts, pledges and promises.

If you believe in past lives you have probably heard of contracts, pledges or promises made in a past life. You may have ie. pledged not to speak to your Higher Self ever (again).

Request: Please remove any contracts, pledges, or promises I have made not to communicate with you. Thank you.

Last but not least, have patience and remember to stay alert for answers after the meditation. We offer help in our private FB Group for our Higher Self practitioners or you can write us here.

Have fun with your HS. Say hi from us:-)

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