• Jenny Pavich

How Can Your Higher Self Help You?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

1) It can point you in the right direction in life. If you have confusion, doubt and uncertainty, ask your HS: What is the next step or what do I need to let go of to get to where I want to be? It will show you the path that is best for you. It is an internal navigating system that is always accessible and will provide you with the best answers for you.

Go within and ask. You will receive answers and then you have to take action.

2) It can help you heal mentally and emotionally from negative incidents in your past. It can tell you why you needed to have the experiences you had in order for you to learn and grow. The HS can also give you insight into why your parents, family, friends, etc. acted the way they did towards you. You will be able to see things in a new light which is important for understanding and forgiveness to take place.

3) It can point you to specific activities that are good/important for you to do right now. These might be things or activities you had not thought of, or they might be things that have been in the back of your mind. It knows what would be beneficial for you.

4) It will tell you the root cause/s of your issues. It will show you when things began and then you can remove the root cause and break the chains to move forward.

5) It can help you pinpoint the blockages that stop you from doing what you want to do right now. If you want to make a change in your life and you don’t do anything about it, something is blocking you. Your HS can tell you what is blocking you and help you remove it.

It is really your imagination that sets the limits as to how your HS can help you. Don’t be shy with your questions and instead make it a habit to always ask your HS whenever you have a question. We always encourage to ask more questions, ask for further clarification if needed and ask for more healing. Your HS is there for you and wants to help you move towards a fulfilling life.

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