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Characteristics of Your Higher Self

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Here is a chapter from our Manual to help you get to know your HS...

First Characteristic: It Answers Your Questions and Helps You To Move Forward

The Higher Self can provide you with answers, clarity and understanding to anything you ask about. We all look for answers about our past, present and future. We want to move beyond issues, doubts, and fears. We have questions about what we should do next. What’s my purpose? What am I supposed to do? How can I heal my body? Why am I sick? How can I best be of service to others? How can I help heal this planet? Is this the best job for me? How can I improve my relationship with my kids/spouse/parents? Etc.

These questions are valid. The answers that come from your HS can provide you with the understanding to release issues and take action. Then you can experience a flow in your life that puts you in alignment on all levels.

The Higher Self has access to everything that has ever happened to you and wants to guide you in the best way possible. We only consciously remember a small percentage of our own past. Many truths about parts of our past can be hard to swallow, so instead we have built up walls in the hopes that they will keep the truth out. Instead, we have actually trapped the truth inside ourselves and it is affecting our thoughts, feelings and actions. We can begin to unravel anything in our life by going within and connecting to the HS.

It’s important to know that under certain conditions though, it may not give you answers if it feels you are not ready for the information or the timing is not right. If you are unable to deal with the answer then you won’t be given it. In this practice, your HS knows what is best for you and will protect you if there are things that would be too damaging for you to re-examine or remember.

Second Characteristic: It Wants You To Take Action

The Higher Self focuses on having you do things and take action. Through action you will start to change. So your HS might tell you to: paint, meditate, get out in nature, be more present when you are with family, change your job, find a new direction, change your thought pattern, etc.

This is quite different from how our Ego works and how we consciously try to find the best solution or option to a problem or situation in life. With our Ego, we consciously question, think and contemplate what to do and when to do it. Then doubt sets in, or new options present themselves, and we start all over. We obsessively weigh various options until we feel dazed and confused.

Our HS would love it if we took all thinking, contemplation and analyzing out of the equation. Instead, do what it tells you to do without questioning it. If you follow it’s plan, there is a higher order unfolding even though you might not see it from your present state.

Third Characteristic: Time Is Not An Issue

Time as a mental construct can bring about many of our issues: We need more time. We can’t make it in time. We don’t have time. When can we start, when will we be done?

The Higher Self doesn’t take time into account. Instead it asks you to take action, allow things to unfold at the appropriate pace and find the peace and joy in the now.

When you become more and more connected to your HS, there will be an inner joy and serenity that stabilizes. It doesn’t mean that you always will feel joyful, but there will be an underlying current of peace knowing that everything is in order. There is an appropriate pace for all things to unfold. You don’t have to push it or work harder. Relax, learn to trust and keep moving forward.

In this type of inner work, there is a transitional phase and that can sometimes seem long and hard. What comes up and needs to be examined is often the darker, heavy stuff. If you ignore it, it will just go back to residing within you. So there is also purpose in repose and allowing yourself time to be in and move through those harder emotions and places. It takes time to implement all these changes and you will be guided to do it at a pace that feels right for you. So let go of expectations about how long this should/could/might take. Your path is perfect because it’s right for you.

With your HS by your side you can now start to trust that if you listen to and implement it’s advice, you will get there. This sense of certainty will give you the mental and emotional freedom to enjoy this journey.


These are the three main characteristics of the Higher Self. If you are not fully connected to your Higher Self right now, it is only your silent partner. It’s always available with answers, ideas, and advice but it can’t carry out any of it. That’s up to you. You are the one who has to get the job done.


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