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A Repetitive Cycle You'll Notice on the Spiritual Path

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

When we are on a spiritual journey, or ascension path, we dramatically make real physical changes to our inner landscape. We try to wrap our heads around the concept that we are in fact not this human form but a soul/light/consciousness. We naturally detach ourselves more and more from material possessions as we find more joy inside. We try to purge negative thoughts and feelings from our past. We shed limiting beliefs. We try our best to control our ego, open our heart chakra and ascend into higher states of consciousness.

As a result of walking this path we move through a repetitive cycle. Jenny and I have gone through this cycle many times for seven years now, and it’s not until now that I can recognize it with this much ease and put it into words. This may very well be similar for you so I want to share what the cycle looks like.

The Cycle

The cycle looks like this:

1) You feel spiritually connected so you want to either make changes to yourself or go deeper within.

2) As a result of that you start to purge: out with the old, in with the new. In this stage you will feel mental, emotional or physical symptoms.

3) Now the new now needs time for integration. Here you mainly live your normal non-spiritual routine life. The cycle will start over from here.

I can’t tell you how long these cycles last because that will be different for everybody.

Stage 1 - The first stage of the cycle is easy. I think we all love this cycle. We feel joyful, connected, like everything is possible. We make new realizations about ourselves and the world and progress is easily made and measured.

Stage 2 – All of a sudden uncomfortableness (physical, emotional, mental) arrises. What happened? Why do I feel so crappy? Stage 2 is necessary in order to let the old dense thoughts, feelings, beliefs, traumas, etc. move through you. This can be very heavy. You drop down into the 3D world for awhile.

The purging of the old can manifest as negative thoughts and feelings. You may feel moody, crappy, lethargic, fatigued, or hungry/full (constipated), etc. Physically it may manifest as aches and pains or reappearance of old injuries.

The negativity can either be somewhat neutral in it’s expression (not really directed at anyone special) or it can be directed at a specific person or situation. If, for example, you are practicing love and opening your heart chakra, you may be trying to be more loving, tolerant, etc. towards a specific person/situation. In that case your negative thoughts and feelings will often times be directed at that person/situation you are trying to be more loving towards.

Let’s say that you are particularly annoyed with a friend and you want to release those thoughts and feelings. After you have done your love exercise (we offer 10 exercises for positive change and releasing the old in our HS Practice) then it’s very likely that this annoyance towards your friend will actually intensify in the days to come. It’s like the last flare up of the annoyance and then it subsides.

In this stage it’s pretty important that you don’t get too caught up in your thoughts and feelings. Try not to play into them too much and create more inner drama than you already may have. I know personally that this can be hard, so just do the best you can and that’ll be more than enough.

I don’t want you to get nervous about this part I just want you to become aware of it.

As you move deeper into your spiritual practice and have gone through these cycles several times, you’ll start to slowly recognize them for what they are. It will get easier for you to see your thoughts and feelings for what they really are. Mere purging of the old. The last flare up.

Stage 3 - In the third stage you return back to living a more ordinary, non-spiritual life. This can sometimes seem trivial and dense and here you might miss the spiritual days.

This stage integrates the new even though it doesn’t always feel like it. Then you go back into feeling spiritual again, manifesting may be easier, meditation is deeper, watching videos and reading articles are fun again.

These are the cycles that we have gone through in the seven years we have practiced. It may look somewhat different for you. The cycles can seem long in the beginning and you might not recognize them. As the years pass they will become shorter and shorter. At least that’s my experience.

I hope this helps, especially when you are in stage 2 and 3. Sometimes it feels like we’ll never get back on our spiritual track again. We always do though!

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