Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate partner with us. We have structured this to give you an easy overview of: who we are, what we offer you, our practice and what we offer our clients.


Our practice teaches others how to access and work with the Higher Self in a grounded, practical and accessible way.


Our approach in working together is to offer a compliment to what you are doing in your individual work that does not take away or compete with your own practice and business. We have seen that teaching others how to continue working with their Higher Self (HS) at home is a powerful compliment to what they experience during a QHHT session.


We would like to team up with you whether you see one client a month or twenty. For us this is all about helping to build a better world one HS connection at a time!


We hope that you will feel as excited and confident in our practice as we do and that recommending it to your clients feels easy and right. As a partner, we are asking you to let your clients know about this practice so they can make their own decision. If they decide to purchase it, we provide all support from there.

Partnership Proposal:

About Us & Our Approach:

We are a married couple who share the same path and purpose: teach people how to talk to their Higher Self.


We are both QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) Practitioners. This is the work that introduced us formally to the Higher Self and showed us how great our inner wisdom and healing potential actually is. We have both been doing our own inner work consistently for the past 6 years and that work has given us the inner freedom and clarity to create this practice.


Talk to Your Higher Self was created out of all the knowledge and experience we gathered working with clients and using it on ourselves. We have spent the past year creating this practice and following up with those who use it. Their insight and feedback has helped us to fine tune the message and approach.


We are building a strong foundation teaming up with others because we feel that in this type of work, this is the best approach. We want you to team up with us because you believe in the quality of our practice and you know this can help your clients. We believe a recommendation from someone you trust is the best approach. We know people are inundated with products that promise quick fixes and instant results. We don't believe in easy fixes, but we do believe a practice should be easy and it should be empowering.


Our goal was to create the highest quality at-home practice at a reasonable price. We believe we have achieved that with the help of our Higher Selves!

We appreciate that you want to team up because:


- it gives us the opportunity to shift from, How can we get this out there?, to focusing on supporting those who use our practice.


- together we can reach and help more people. 


- it gives us the mental space to work on other tools that are a compliment to this work.


And of equal importance, you will have the option to join our private FB group for Affiliates and in that space we hope you will find support, connection and maybe the people you are looking for to team up with in some way.

What We Offer You:


We offer you $15 per sale of our Talk to Your Higher Self Practice. We currently charge $35. This may go up slightly in the near future. We are still figuring out our price point.


We promise you a minimum of $15 per sale or 30% of the sales price, whichever is highest.


We also offer you written material that explains our practice. You can use this on your website, newsletters, emails and more.


It is easy and quick to set up an affiliate profile. You will then receive a link that you can share with your clients. This link tracks the sale back to you.


You will be invited to our Private Facebook Group for Affiliate Partners. There you can ask us questions, connect to and team up with others and share your requests and ideas to us.


We will be at your service.

What We Offer Our Clients


Our practice includes: a 40 page e-book + guided audios with different amounts of quiet time + access to our private Facebook Group where clients receive support from us, others and can ask questions and share their journey and results. We are always available to continue to help those that work with this practice. We provide all the support necessary.

Our E-Book Includes the Following Chapters:

Your Ego

Your Higher Self

Characteristics of Your Higher Self

How to Communicate With Your HS

Higher Self vs. Ego. Who’s talking?

The Theta State

Focus on One Area at a Time

Ask Your Higher Self Questions

Identify Blockages and Remove Them

Remove Issues


Extra Exercises:


Repeat Affirmations and Mantras

Remove Guilt, Shame, Hate, etc.

Practice Self-Love

Accept Yourself and Your Situation


Forgive Yourself and Others

Be Still


Download Our Practice:


You can download our practice for free here.

Please use promo code: partner


If you already know you want to become an affiliate, here are the instructions for signing up. Please write us an email to let us know and introduce yourself. We like to get to know everyone we work with.


Please write us with any questions: contact @


We are always available to set up a phone or video call: 331-253-9081


We appreciate your interest and we hope to work together.

Thank you!

Jenny Pavich & Jannick Kjaer