Reaching out to my Higher Self for Healing is an element that was missing from my life. By following the simple guidelines and practicing almost daily, I have found a more peaceful state of being and I have released so much worry. Using this practice has opened space for me to explore questions and concerns in my life with the presence of something larger than myself.

-K. Perleberg, IL

This practice from Jenny and Jannick is POWERFUL. Each time I was able to go into a deep state and receive guidance from my Higher Self. The messages I received were profound and continued to come days later despite the time between doing the meditations. This is such a gift to humanity to have

this meditation available.

-Courtney Smith, NC

Most of my life has been spent feeling uncomfortable in my skin, always in search of some external thing to make me feel better. Through this program I have been able to reconnect with the real me. I feel less anxious, more creative, full of energy because now I have a purpose. I failed so many times trying to "meditate" like the books all said, this way works and I am so glad these two wonderful people have crossed my path. I finally feel like I am healing!! Thank you so much!

-Lois Hewitt, NC

My life has changed for the better since using this practice and getting in touch with my Higher Self. I wasn't expecting to receive answers right away but I did. I started to see small changes and continued to open myself up to hearing from my Higher Self, and now several months later, I am on a new path in my life. I am happier and more content than I have ever been. Thank you, Jenny and Jannick, for introducing me to my Higher Self.


This practice has positively impacted my life on so many levels. It's hard for me to explain but I have truly seen amazing results. If you are searching for direction, healing, or inspiration I would recommend trying this practice.

-Megan Loeffler, IL

This practice allows you a better view of yourself from a calm space. I started with wanting physical healing, and then became aware of how the mental influenced me. It has helped me grow and release the negative thoughts, the constant thoughts. I now can be concerned without being consumed. The first time I did the practice, I didn’t totally know if I could do it myself. Then a voice said, 'Trust', and it flowed in. It was a lot easier than expected. After you are done with a practice that’s actually when the homework begins. If you leave it there it doesn’t open up any doors for growth. I am still myself but in a much better way. I have released those parts that weren’t me, but came from my past.

-Carollee Buechner, IL

I read in the manual that I was supposed to feel anchored down on the right side. I don’t know why it happens, but it happens every time. And I like it because there are some concrete reactions in 3d to the practice and it makes me feel validated and like it is really working. I've also re-recorded it in my own voice and mixed it with some past life meditations.

This practice makes me feel more integrated with my Higher Self the more I use it. To me, it's versatility, potential for mixing with other meditations, Higher Self integration, and 3d confirmations and validations, make this worth every penny.

Thank you so much for making and sharing this!

-Sarah A, IL