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Jannick Kjaer

I am intrigued and passionate about: 1) what drives our behavior and how our thoughts, feelings and beliefs make us act, and react, in ways that aren’t always in our best interest and, 2) how we can uncover and remove issues and repetitive negative patterns to improve our lives and begin to live with more peace, joy and purpose however it might look for each person.

My own internal journey began with wanting to remove fears, doubts and insecurities when it came to starting up a business by myself. I wanted to get to the root cause of why I was unable to do that, and that quickly snowballed into uncovering all negative aspects of myself. It also inspired me to look at what changes I wanted to make in myself. So I focused on both the negative that

resided inside me, and the positive changes I could make.

I have always been self-observant and looked at myself from a third person perspective. When I started my journey I observed myself during almost all waking hours. Every time I felt a negative feeling, I took note or removed it right away.


At night time, I went through my day and expressed my wish to remove negative behavior as well as probe around my past to figure out where my negative patterns came from. I also repeated affirmations and mantras and spoke out what I wanted to change in myself, and what direction I wanted to go in my life. Observing myself that much is an extreme way to uncover issues, but I felt I was on a mission.


Throughout the five years I studied the topic extensively. I searched for knowledge that explained the underlying mechanisms behind our thoughts, feelings and behavior and how you can deal with them. I read mainly from a spiritual perspective simply because I found that it gave me much more insight than what Western self-help books could give me. I tried to read from only trusted reliable sources to the best of my knowledge. I tried to find the best in the areas I was interested in.


It has been a long journey, with lots of ups and downs, like life will present to you no matter what. I stand here on the other side of it almost fully detached from my thoughts and feelings. The sense of freedom, peace and joy it has given me has been worth everything. I knew it was there and I found it.


In 2018, I trained as a QHHT Practitioner and it is through that practice that I found out how to connect to my own Higher Self. I wasn’t familiar with the concept but as it turned out, on the nights when I talked things out to myself, I would also ask questions because I knew that I would receive an answer the next day or two. I was in fact talking to my Higher Self without knowing it. Learning exactly how the Higher Self works through QHHT and working with clients, Jenny and I were able to create the Talk to Your Higher Self Practice.


This is why we can offer a manual with quite detailed and practical knowledge and advice on how you can do this yourself.


For five years I walked the path towards peace, joy and purpose and now it is my greatest pleasure to empower and help those of you out there who wish to do something similar in your own unique way.


There’s an endless amount of knowledge, practices and great practitioners out there and I hope that you will find our practice very straightforward and rewarding, both short and long term. I don’t believe in easy fixes but I do believe that a practice should be easy. I believe we have achieved that, or should I say, our own Higher Selves have achieved that. We only serve as messengers and enablers.


The message is clear: Talk to Your Higher Self. We will show you how.


Jenny Pavich

It makes me very happy to hear about, and/or be a part of, another person’s internal transformation. I love to see the real joy that arises in someone when they feel good inside and suddenly see or realize that this essence was there all along, it just was covered up.

I think I have always been a person who cares deeply about other people, but often times I would get too caught up in another’s struggles and problems. It took a long time to realize that I could observe it and help if asked, without entangling myself in it. Right now at this point in my life, I understand that we go through things for reasons that need to be figured out by the individual for his or her own growth. I have done a lot of work releasing, clearing and understanding my own path and journey, and now I live from a space of trust, flow and peace.

The path I have chosen has been unconventional in many ways. Those choices have given me a lot of time to focus on myself and in many ways, this inner work has been a part to full-time job for many years now! Including the down time it takes to process and integrate changes and just rest. I’ve learned so much and been intuitively guided on what was next in the process. More than once, I have experienced deep pain arise in my body and stick around for many days while I was processing something emotional. I find this so amazing and exciting to physically feel the body purge what I had managed to store for a long time! My clearing has happened in so many different ways and I know that is so I can relate to how it comes up for others.


Studying Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method gave us the chance to hear from a lot of client’s Higher Selves and we could pinpoint similiarities in it’s way of operating, speaking and guiding. I now see this part of us as very practical, like the liver or heart, as opposed to something esoteric and spiritual. Maybe soon it will be natural to talk about the HS over coffee with our friends. I would love that!


Living from the guidance of my Higher Self has made life so much easier and enjoyable. I now know that no matter what, I am being guided and looked out for and I am confident life is unfolding in my highest interest. I am so grateful that Jannick and I have been pushed to walk this path and create this practice. I feel it is an important tool for our collective evolution in this very moment and it works the way it should for each person. We have the wisdom to be our own best teacher.


I hope that whoever is reading this finds exactly what he or she is looking for in life. It’s important we all follow our own path and start trusting our own inner wisdom. I really believe we can transform not only our own lives this way, but also the path of the collective in a positive and expansive way.