We believe that your connection to your Higher Self is one of the most important relationships you can put your effort and time into. In return you will find the path back to who you really are.


The HS is the enlightened you. It only knows and lives from the highest vibrations of love, truth, peace and joy. It can help you to release and unravel what is not aligned with these qualities.


It is our wish that each of us merges with this aspect of ourselves and that is the message we want to bring along with our practice. If we want to see real change in ourselves and the world, this is definitely a viable way. We live in a world that is mostly run by people’s Egos. Imagine a world guided by our Higher Selves. Instead of identifying with your Ego, you could identify with your HS. If enough of us start to operate from this space, the world would change

Our wish is that we all learn to ignite the wisdom, power and healing potential that lies within. We believe that with this practice you can do just that.