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Tap Into Your Own Inner Wisdom and

Innate Healing Potential.

Connect to your Higher Self.

We believe that your connection to your Higher Self is one of the most important relationships you can put your effort and time into. 

​Our wish is that we all learn to ignite the wisdom, power and healing potential that lies within. We know that with this practice you can do just that.

This is a path to find back to your true self. The HS is the enlightened you. It only knows and lives from the highest vibrations of love, truth, peace and joy. It can help you to release and unravel what is not aligned with these qualities.

Instead of identifying with your Ego, you could identify with your HS. If enough of us start to operate from this space, the world would change.

If we want to see real change in ourselves and the world, this is definitely a viable way. We live in a world that is mostly run by people’s Egos. Imagine a world guided by our Higher Selves.

The Higher Self Practice

We have made it accessible for anyone to connect to their Higher Self (HS). The HS is an aspect of you that knows everything about you and when you learn to communicate with it, it can offer you solutions, healing, guidance and suggestions that will always be in your highest interest.

This practice will teach you what you need to know to make full use of this inner wisdom and innate healing potential. Connecting to your HS can help you to create real change in your life.

We learned about the HS through our own internal journeys and in our work as QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis) practitioners.  We have taken that knowledge and created this practice so you can do this at home.

How to connect to your HS has been a mystery for many people. However, it is accessible when you understand how the HS works and what you need to do to make that connection. Our manual describes this in detail and we present this in a clear way for anyone to open that channel.

What is important is to quiet your mind so we have created a guided meditation that takes you into the Theta state and then gives you quiet time to Talk to Your Higher Self so you can...

Find the Best Answers for You & Become your Own Teacher

Discover the Root Cause of your Issues & Remove Them

Find your Best Path and Ways to Move Towards It

Receive Mental And Emotional Healing

Release Fear, Doubt, Shame, Guilt and Blockages

You can ask to have issues removed, you can ask for guidance or healing. You can receive true understanding about your life and what you have experienced.  You can ask questions about your past, present or future.

The Higher Self is always present, waiting for you to ask for help and to listen to the answers it gives.

When you make that connection and you take action, your life will change. 

A Manual, a Guided Meditation and support in our private Facebook Group.

(this is a digital product)

The guided meditation offers you two versions: one with 15 minutes of quiet time and one with 25 minutes of quiet time.

The manual covers everything your need to know to use this practice to its fullest potential. 



*30 day money-back guarantee*



It can point you in the right direction in life. If you have confusion, doubt and uncertainty, ask your HS: what is the next step or what do you need to let go of to get to where you want to be? It will show you the path that is best for you. It is an internal navigating system that is always accessible and will provide you with the best answers for you. We can’t emphasize that enough. Go within and ask. You will receive answers and then you can take action.

It can help you heal mentally and emotionally from negative incidents in your past. It can tell you why you needed to have the experiences you had in order for you to learn and grow. The HS can also give you insight into...  read more...


“Reaching out to my higher self for healing was an element missing from my life. By following the simple guidelines and practicing almost daily, I have found a more peaceful state of being and I have released so much worry. Using this practice has opened space for me to explore questions and concerns in my life with the presence of something larger than myself.”

— K. Perleberg, IL