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Ask your Higher Self.

Learn to connect and work with this aspect of you. Our program includes a 40-page eBook, 2 guided audios and support in our private FB group

You Are Your Own Best Teacher.

The Talk to Your Higher Self Program

Learn to connect to your own inner search engine
Higher Self Search Engine - Talk to Your

The HS is an aspect of you that knows everything about you.

When you learn to communicate with it, it can offer you solutions, healing, guidance and suggestions that will always be in your highest interest.

We all have a HS and it's time to demystify it and merge with it.

Our program makes it accessible for anyone, from any background or set of beliefs, to connect to their Higher Self.

We give you the knowledge and the tools to establish the initial connection and then we show you ways you can work with it.

Do what is best for you; connect to your Higher Self.

You have your own inner search engine. Ask and you shall receive.

We have lived in a world that was mostly run by people’s Egos.

We are shifting into a New Earth guided by our Higher Selves.

Ego vs Higher Self

Which do you use to navigate your life?

The way that most make decisions and navigate their life is with the help of the ego. Working with

the ego to consciously try to come up with the best answers and solutions has limitations.


We are usually juggling several options and we are often clouded with some sort of fear, doubt, uncertainty, insecurity, and confusion.


We weigh pros and cons and try to feel into what would be the right choice.

This makes it very difficult to find the 'right' answer, the answer that is in our highest interest to move forward.


Very often this leaves us dazed and confused, so we need to step away from it for a while and then come back to it later.


With ego, we have to search, contemplate and override feelings and thoughts that want to hold us in place.

To receive an answer from your Higher Self is simple. We have outlined the ways you can communicate and receive answers, guidance and solutions in our eBook.

When we ask our Higher Self, we allow answers and guidance to show up. We learn to let go of the need to search and try to 'come up with' answers.


We bypass fear, doubt, uncertainty, confusion, and insecurity that clouds us. We receive an objective answer that has our highest interest at heart.

Our Higher Self wants what is best for us. It doesn't contain any negative aspects to use against us, much unlike our ego.

We know we are on the right track when we follow our HS's guidance because it is rooted in our highest interest.

Learn to navigate life with the help of your Higher Self...


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2 guided audios with quiet time to connect to your Higher Self,

a 40-page eBook that explains how to connect to and work with the HS,

and access to our private FB group for continued support.

- $20.00


“This program from Jenny and Jannick is POWERFUL. Each time I was able to go into a deep state and receive guidance from my Higher Self. The messages I received were profound and continued to come days later despite the time between doing the meditations. This is such a gift to humanity to have this practice available.”

— Courtney Smith, NC

How We Created This Program...

In was through our work as QHHT practitioners that we were formally introduced to the Higher Self.

During a session a practitioner helps a client to access his or her Higher Self and ask it questions. The answers and healing that clients received during these sessions were powerful.

Working with clients in this manner gave us a chance to speak with various people's Higher Selves.

We were able to pinpoint similarities in it’s way of operating, speaking and guiding.

We created this program to empower and teach others how to talk to their Higher Selves. Our approach was to make it as accessible and grounded as possible. The message we have received is clear: Spread the knowledge of the Higher Self.

Benefits of Working With Your HS:

-Receive Answers, Guidance & Healing

-Feel Compelled to Take the Next Steps

-Strongly Increase Your Intuition

-Feel Empowered & Capable to Direct Your Life

-Heal Mentally & Emotionally

-Uncover Inner Peace & Joy



It can point you in the right direction in life. If you have confusion, doubt and uncertainty, ask your HS: what is the next step or what do you need to let go of to get to where you want to be? It will show you the path that is best for you. It is an internal navigating system that is always accessible and will provide you with the best answers for you. We can’t emphasize that enough. Go within and ask. You will receive answers and then you can take action.

It can help you heal mentally and emotionally from negative incidents in your past. It can tell you why you needed to have the experiences you had in order for you to learn and grow. The HS can also give you insight into...  read more...